Planning a wedding is usually a daunting task, but this cannot be said about planning a bachelorette party in austin which is deemed to be more playful, creative and involves a lot of fun. Thus, if you are a maid of honor or a bridesmaid offering a helping hand you always aspire to put your best foot forward to deliver the best night possible for the bride.

It can seem to be a daunting task to put up one that is filled with fun. However, do not worry because below we highlight tips and ideas which will go a long way in helping you along the planning process and the execution of the same. The whole concept behind these bachelorette parties revolves around pleasing the bride to be; the activities include deciding on food and drinks to be consumed, time of day, venue, entertainment, and games.


Unless the bride indicates otherwise, the bachelorette party usually takes place a month before the wedding. Therefore, a choice should be made on a date that coincides with this timing.


tg23ed6y237eu28i2In many cases, most people prefer to hold these parties in the homes of the maid of honor. Those who yearn for more uniqueness picnics come in handy as lovely options too. There are those that usually plan for low-key outings, most recently spas have also turned out as a perfect venue to hold these parties. For those who prefer more social and upbeat, one should consider a night out at the bar or restaurant.


Once the list of the guests has been written and sorted out, you need to send invitations. This can be done through a host of fun invitation designs, but I could recommend that one looks at Girls Night out invitations which comes in a package of 12 if the invitation is to reflect a reserved party. Also, go for the adorable invitation that comes in the shape of a martini glass. The visitors definitely know that there will be lots of fun in the party.

Picking out fun bachelorette party favors and games

This is usually a must have for bachelorette parties as they usually liven up the mood of the party. Top on the list of such is the Novelty Light up Engagement Rings; they usually come in a package of six, they can add sparky fun to any bachelorette party, besides they are cheap to operate as they are powered by LED batteries. Besides they can be used for decoration.

Games come in htg23ed6y23e7du28i2andy when you want to break the ice in the party and also take the fun a little notch higher. You can also decide to select games that are specifically made for such parties. These include games such as How Well Do You Know The Bride? Bachelorette party I DARE YOU, Party Trivia Game, or the party Bachelorette Party Bingo Game.

With this guide in hand, we sincerely hope that it will help you have a great and easy time planning a bachelorette party. It is our hope that it turns out to be the most memorable times for the bride and her bridesmaids.

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