Most men worry about starting a relationship with a woman because of the size of their dick as they worry they will be unable to satisfy their partners. If you too are one of them, read on to learn how to make your dick bigger instead of suffering in silence. Though there are male enhancement pills, surgeries and apparatus like penis extenders available to increase your penile size, they are not only expensive but come with their share of side effects. This is why it is better you learn how to increase your penile size naturally with a healthy diet and penis exercises.

Penis Enlargements Options

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Jelqing is an exercise which increases your penile blood flow for a harder and longer lasting erection. While it does slightly help increase your penile length, it’s more useful in improving your penis width.The exercise starts with your placing a hot cloth on your penis for about 5 minutes to warm up your penis. You can alternatively do the exercise while showering. Lubricate your penis using soap (if you are showering), or olive or coconut oil.

Grip your penis by making the ‘OK’ sign by touching your thumb to the index finger and place it around the base of your penis. Slide up till you reach your penis head and before letting go, make the same grip with your other hand at the penis base. Then let go of your first hand and let your second hand slide up your penis.

Do not squeeze. This should not be painful; so if you feel some pain, it means you are doing it wrong. Bruising indicates you are doing it too hard. Always maintain a 50%, but never a 100% erection. Repeat 100 reps for best results.

Increase penile length

wdwDqsdaqedqThe second exercise helps add penile length by stretching the penis. Start by warming up as before, and then make the ‘OK’ sign around your penile head and pull your penis out in front of you. Then rotate your penis in a circular motion. Repeat 30 times, take a break and then repeat the other way.

Regular penis exercising will increase your penile size substantially. Though it may take some time, the results are permanent and achieved naturally. In addition to penis exercises, maintaining a good physical shape with exercise and a healthy diet helps. Lose weight if you are obese because your penis looks smaller with the additional fat in your abdomen and thighs.