Having sex during pregnancy is absolutely the last thing in a woman’s mind especially she is dealing with vomiting, nausea and overwhelming fatigue.

It is actually a period when a woman thinks about her baby.


Sex during pregnancy is usually a hot topic and most men and women are usually confused as to whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy especially the third trimester.

Sex during pregnancy is actually safe for women with low risk or uncomplicated pregnancies.

However as the tummy continues to grow, pregnancy risk increases meaning that proper precautions must be observed when having sex.

Below are safe sex position during third trimester.

  1. Doggy style

Most pregnant moms agree that going doggy is one of the best and most gratifying sex position during the third trimester.

Dog style position does not pile too much pressure on the baby and the mum to be. This position require the woman to kneel on all her four and the man to take position right behind her.

This position will enable the woman to support herself as well as the baby with her hands and legs and foradded comfort the woman can add pillow to provide extra comfort while they are busy on the act.

  1. Spooning breasts-1008881_640

This is also a safe sex position during the third trimester.

Lying next to each other will allow your partner to enter you from behind.

You will not pile pressure to the baby.

It also allow partner to cuddle each other while the baby is safety snoozing on the mothers tummy.

  1. Oral sex.

Although oral is not actually a sex position, it is extremely convenient and a safer option during the third trimester.

If both partners are okay and comfortable with oral sex, then there is no reason why they should not try it during third trimester.

The only thing your partner should not do is blowing air the vagina because it can result to blood clot which could threaten the life of the baby.

  1. Woman on top.act-711005_640

The size of the tummy during the third trimester is big and as a result the lady need to have more control during sex so as to avoid harming the baby.

Woman climbing on top of her partner will give her more control and comfort.

If you are worried that having sex during your third trimester will harm your baby as well as cause water to break, today you should know that sex during the third trimester will not harm your bay nor cause water to break.

However, if your pregnancy is high risk, ensure that you consult your doctor first for advice before you take any action.